Working with you
The legal and contractual basis


1. "The company" means ELAPSA Ltd.

2. "case" means any matter or project.

3. "We" means the company and/or the director or member working with you on any case.

Types of Case

4. The basis on which you would normally be working with the company on a case might be:

  • as our collaborator or assistant, or
  • as our solicitor or barrister (in which case these terms don't apply).

5. Where a director or member of the company (whether or not a lawyer) is providing professional or other services to you, then you may be his client, in which case the company will cease to be directly involved and you and the director or member must establish the necessary professional or other contractual relationship. Such director or member will advise you in his own right and not on behalf of the company (even if he inadvertently emails you using a company email address).


6. This section relates to any matter or project on which you are working with us as our collaborator or assistant.

7. The relationship between you and us is that of persons working together informally on a matter or project. It is not a lawyer-client relationship.

8. There is no contract, and no professional legal relationship, between you and us, other than these terms.

9. We are not obliged to comply with any instructions you may give us.

10. We are not obliged to act in your interests, and we are entitled to act in the company's interests.

11. We can cease to work with you, or on the matter or project, at any time, e.g. if we conclude that you or we do not have a good case, or for any other reason, or for no reason at all.

12. No fee is required; but donations are always welcome at your discretion.

13. We will try to avoid undue delay, but this may not be possible owing to our other commitments.

Regulatory status

14. The company is not a law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Economic and personal interests

15. If your economic or personal interests are affected, you must tell us as soon as possible, in which case our involvement will cease and you will need to consult a practising solicitor, or a barrister with public access.


16. No director or member of the company is authorised to legally advise, assist or represent you or any third party on behalf of the company.

17. Any advice of a legal nature given by us is merely an expression of opinion.

18. You should not use or rely on our advice for any purposes other than those for which it is given.

19. Nothing precludes your engaging any director or member of the company on a lawyer-client basis, whereupon the company's direct involvement will cease.

20. If you need legal advice you can rely on, you must consult a practising solicitor or a barrister with public access.

21. You must not communicate our advice to any third party without our agreement.


22. We owe no duty of care to you or to any third party, whether in contract, tort or under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

23. We exclude liability (other than for death or personal injury), both to you and to any third party.


24. We do not carry professional indemnity insurance.


25. Communications between you and us (including any defamatory statements) are not covered by legal professional privilege and might have to be disclosed in any legal proceedings.


26. You authorise us to include information about the case in any newsletter or press release, or on the company's website, subject to any terms which we may agree with you.